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Jess is initially mad at Emma for saying this, but Darcy says that he thinks she would be great as Belle, which causes Jess to blush and agree to try out for the play. Just before the book club meeting starts, Cassidy's mother storms in, furious.

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She says she received a call from Becca's mother saying that Cassidy made the boys' hockey team without her permission and that her spot on the team should've gone to her son. Sloane tells Cassidy that hockey is dangerous and feels betrayed that everyone seemed to know about Cassidy trying out except her. Cassidy is also furious and tells her that she wishes she had a different mother and they both leave. Jess got the part of Belle, but the Fab Four spreads rumors all around the school that the drama teacher gave her the part only because her mother ran away.

They do this to of jealousy because they were cast in minor roles as dancing silverware. Cassidy explains how she was allowed to play hockey.

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Clementine thought that Cassidy's attitude towards her and other people was very disrespectful, and decided to put herself and Cassidy in counseling. The shrink or as Cassidy's mother calls him, a family counselor, talked to them both, saying that Clementine didn't not want Cassidy to play hockey because she is hypersensitive to dangerous activities after she lost her husband.

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Cassidy said that she will compromise with Clementine by having a better attitude and not talking back. In return, Clementine would let Cassidy play hockey with the boys' team. They both agreed by signing a contract that is not legally bound. Cassidy, Emma, Jess, and Megan leave school, on their way to Megan's house for a book club meeting.

Megan disappears and Mrs. Wong asks all the girls to look for Megan. Cassidy tells Megan to hurry up. Emma sees the old Barbie clothes that Megan made when she and Emma used to be friends. Megan is upset and snatches them away from her. They all go into the living room and have their book club meeting. At the end, the girls discuss their future careers. Cassidy's mother still does not like the idea of Cassidy becoming a pro hockey player.

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  • Emma wants to become a writer and Jess wants to become a veterinarian. Wong announces that Megan will be an environmental lawyer, but Megan says that is Mrs.

    Wish You Were Eyre (The Mother-Daughter Book Club) Worksheets and Literature Unit

    All of the mothers chip in for a Christmas party and they should all dress up like the characters from Little Women. Cassidy says that she does not want to wear a dress, but Clementine pulls the contract out and immediately Cassidy is forced to agree. It is snowing hard outside and Mrs. Hawthorne plans to cancel the Christmas party because of the roads being blocked. Fortunately, Jess's father comes by in a carriage drawn by his two horses, Led and Zep which he named after Led Zeppelin. They pick up the Wongs and sing Christmas songs all the way to the Sloane's house. The girls all dress up in fancy dresses Cassidy wears sweatpants and sneakers under hers and they talk about who they dressed up as.

    They all receive presents that Jess's mother sent them and Emma has Megan decorate a dress for the paper doll she received. She sees a true smile on Megan's face and starts thinking she might get her old friend back for Christmas; however, her mother ruins this by suggesting that Megan design a dress for Jess to wear for the play. Still envious that Jess got the part she wanted, Megan turns back into her "Fab Four" self again, and Emma feels disappointed.

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    It is the night of the play and Jess is nervous. She stays in her room and talks to the image of her mother on TV even though she can't hear her. Jess is upset that her mother could not be at her performance and wonders if her mother ever gets nervous when she is about to perform. After dinner at the Hawthorne's, Jess goes to school to prep for the play.

    Booking Mama: Review: Wish You Were Eyre

    Sloane fixes her hair and makeup and Zach Norton, who plays Beast, gives her a red rose. In the prep room, Mrs. Chadwick barges in and demands that Becca be given extra glitter. Chadwick insults Jess, who she says lives on some ramshackle farm, but Mr. Delaney and Mrs. Sloane fend her off. On stage, Jess shines as she performs, however, the Fab Four let Jess's pet goat Sundance loose on the stage, destroying the entire scene.

    Sundance runs away, scared, until Darcy catches her and hands her to Jess. They restart the scene afterwards, and Darcy and Mr. Delaney put Sundance back into her crate. Megan is upset and embarrassed that she got into so much trouble for helping Becca with the goat stunt when, to her, it was just a silly prank. The book club has an emergency meeting at the library and decide that new rules should be made. All of the girls sign a contract stating the new rules.


    They decide not to kick Megan out as long as she makes it up to Jess. As punishment, it is decided that Megan should design a dress for Jess to wear to the Spring Fling Dance. Megan realizes that she really does miss Emma and wants to have a better friendship with the other girls. Becca texts Megan, but Megan decides not to answer her phone. Cassidy's team, the Concord Comets, are competing for the championship title against the Minutemen. Cassidy scores a point and ties up the game.

    After her water break, she is ready to win the game but ends up getting boarded an illegal hockey move by a Minuteman defenseman. Cassidy says she saw the coach telling the Minuteman to hurt her. Sloane starts being "Queen Clementine" as Cassidy calls her, and threatens the coach of the Minutemen in front of everybody. Clementine lets her back in after she remarks "What would Jo March do? With only thirty seconds to go, Cassidy scores the final goal, and the Comets win the game.

    Everyone in the arena chants Cassidy's name, and Cassidy sees that her mother, who previously had been hiding her face because she was scared, is standing and cheering too. Emma has a sleepover with Jess, Cassidy, and Megan. She says that Megan is still with the Fab Four but that they had started including her more ever since she apologized to Jess.

    The girls go to the Patriot's Day parade which is a celebration of the historical battle of the Revolutionary War in Concord complete with a special breakfast and a Revolutionary War reenactment. At the breakfast, Jess's twin brothers, Ryan and Dylan, bother Becca's older brother Stewart and make fun of him for being a redcoat. Becca yells at them and ends up pushing them. This makes Jess angry and she confronts Becca, defending her brothers and surprising everyone since Jess is so quiet. Becca makes her choose between the groups, and without hesitation Megan chooses the Mother-Daughter book club.

    She throws her pancakes on Becca, getting syrup in her hair. Everyone ends up in a food fight and the four girls laugh all the way back to Emma's house where they watch the parade. The girls meet at Cassidy's house to get ready for the Spring Fling. Megan made Jess and herself dresses and Jess's mother sends them beauty products that the cast of her TV show use. They all come downstairs in their outfits. Emma is wearing a long yellow dress which is a hand-me-down. She becomes upset since her dress is too formal for the dance.

    Megan improvises by fixing the sleeves and changing the length, making Emma happy. At the dance, Zach Norton calls Jess "Beauty" because of the play and asks her to dance. Emma becomes jealous and upset and she runs out of the gym, crying. After going after her, Jess, Megan, and Cassidy cheer her up and Jess tells Emma that she doesn't like Zach, but admits that she's liked Emma's brother Darcy ever since kindergarten. Cassidy tells Emma that Zach only likes Jess as a friend and that he is comfortable around her which is why he asked her to dance.

    They all go back to the gym. The girls don't end up with the dance partners they each hoped for, but have a good time anyway. Jess watches her mom on TV and makes comments about her school day.

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    • When the book club starts, her dad ends up embarrassing her by almost having her and her friends dance the "Dance of the Maypole Maidens". Everyone tries not to laugh, and her dad is surprised since he read about the dance in a magazine. Jess becomes upset and goes to her room, fuming about how her family is weird. I love books that do that. This sounds like a wonderful series - I can see why you were sad to let it go.